High speed handpieces

ML & SL air-driven highspeds: designed without compromise.

SciCan has joined forces with the best dental handpiece engineers to develop a range of hand-pieces which use the finest quality components for optimal performance. Additionally, the Porsche Design Studio has given STATIS its unmistakably unique avant-garde lines. Ergonomically perfect. Exclusively for SciCan.

You will experience noticeably better handling with an extremely quiet turbine. Feel the power of 20 watts with increased lateral cutting torque and with one of the smallest head sizes ever!

Swing-friction-wear-test-device compliant to DIN 51834*. The lower the friction coefficient (f) the lower the wear and the greater the bearing longevity. In fact, we are so convinced of this new technology that we are prepared to provide STATIS with a 3-year Guarantee**.

Two highspeeds, two head sizes. For precise preparations of all kinds.

> Well cooled, well controlled - The spray system is also innovative: In the STATIS ML four jets ensure optimum cooling of the tooth. The STATIS SL comes with a slotted nozzle. As a result, the entire treatment region is ideally cooled by a fan-shaped spray.

> Excellent light, shadow-free illumination - 25,000 LUX leaves nothing in the dark:
you enjoy the best views of the preparation site without straining your eyes.

> Push button chuck - New chuck mechanism provides higher precision and improved centric running, reducing operating noise and extending the life of the instrument.

> Ergonomic design - Improved handling and outstanding design through cooperation with the Porsche Design Studio.

> German engineering - High-quality materials only, the greatest requirements for quality.

> Smallest head housing -  One of the smallest head sizes ever.
Enjoy working with greater freedom of movement. The small head size
provides you with improved accessibility.

> Technologically advanced -  Turbine with ceramic bearings. The new ceramic bearings incorporate a new cage material with improved lubrication and oil absorption characteristics. The improved coefficients of friction provide you with benefits of lower failure rates, and thus lower repair costs.

> From the expert in infection control and instrument reprocessing - All turbines can be sterilized to 135°C.

> The universal coupler - Greater compatibility with CONNEX quick connect system – the SciCan alternative to all MULTIflex® couplers, fitting most modern treatment units.

Integrated service. 48-hour quick repair*

Customer service is top priority for SciCan. STATIS will serve you well and longer. If a STATIS handpiece or accessory should happen to fail, the packaging includes an express envelope you can use to return it postage paid. We do every repair job for you within 48 hours (2 working days) after receipt. So you get your STATIS instrument back as quickly as possible, in original quality. That’s a promise.
*May vary by country

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