SELECT TransBite - Clearly superior

POLYSIL TransBite bite registration material delivers an unmatched combination of physical and clinical properties, along with the added benefit of transparency. TransBite is an ideal material for performing occlusal templates, labial matrices and other custom matrices for light cured materials. When using the TransBite Custom Matrix to duplicate real tooth anatomy prior to cutting, you significantly simplify and enhance the contour and finish of any light cured composite restoration. TransBite is an excellent choice as a transmission impression material for orthodontic brackets when utilizing the indirect technique.


  • Complete visibility of occlusion at chairside and lab
  • Fabrication of occlusal templates and labial matrices for light and cured composite restorations and chairside veneers (using the TransBite Custom Matrix technique)
  • Fabrication of transmission impressions for orthodontic brackets using the indirect technique
  • 90 second set time in mouth to minimize patient discomfort and potential for distortion
  • Will not slump or pull away during placement
  • Outstanding elastic recovery, unsurpassed compression set times and minimal distortions short and long term
  • Will not tear upon mouth removal
  • 3-year shelf life

Product Code Description
SH-301 TransBite Transparent bite registration material
2 x 50ml cartridge, 6 mixing tips

It's a snap with SELECT Rigid BR bite registration material

When you use POLYSIL Rigid BR, you minimize your patients' discomfort with a 45-second snap set. Even more importantly, Rigid BR provides you with a bite registration that won't tear, distort in the mouth, or expand during lab processing. Rigid BR is an ideal material for performing occlusal and matrix registrations where a rigid, fast setting material is required.

POLYSIL Rigid BR material

  • Will not bend or distort during the laboratory process, ensuring greater accuracy and perfect final fittings.
  • Ideal for occlusion and other matrices (for all impression taking procedures requiring rigid fast setting)
  • Willl not tear during mouth removal
  • Snap sets (no distortion and more accurate)
  • Possesses exceptional elasticity, less distortion and more accuracy in all POLYSIL Rigid BR types
  • 3-year shelf life

Product Code Description
SH-302 Rigid BR Bite registration material
2 x 50ml cartridge, 6 mixing tips
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