SELECT VPS materials

In a moist oral environment, the only way to ensure that you capture the fine details of your patients' real tooth anatomy is to use an impression material that isn't compromised by moisture.

POLYSIL super hydrophilic is a VPS impression material specifically formulated to deliver excellent wettablility and to significantly enhance accuracy by delivering impressions that capture and reproduce every critical detail.

All POLYSIL products feature SciCan's innovative Controlled Flow™ formulations, which do not slump or pull away during placement. They stay precisely where you place them and ensure a more accurate impression and fit every time.

POLYSIL offers:

  • Unsurpassed dimensional stability for improved accurancy and tear strength
  • Fast intra-oral times to reduce your patient's discomfort
  • Outstanding elastic recovery
  • Truly disinfectable impressions without distortion or expansion in disinfecting solutions

POLYSIL cartridge packages contain: 2 x 50ml cartridge, 6 mixing tips, 6 intraoral tips.

Product No. Description
SH-101 Light body – regular set
SH-101/F Light body – fast set
SH-102 Medium body – regular set
SH-102/F Medium body – fast set
SH-103 Heavy body – regular set
SH-103/F Heavy body – fast set
SH-104 Multipurpose – regular set
SH-104/F Multipurpose – fast set

POLYSIL Putty, 260ml base, 260ml catalyst and 2 scoops:

Product No. Description
SH-201 Firm putty – regular set
SH-201/F Firm putty – fast set
SH-202 Soft putty – regular set
SH-202/F Soft putty – fast set

POLYSIL accessories:

Product No. Description
SH–000 Dispenser gun
SH–001 Tray adhesive
SH–003 Intraoral tips, white (50/pkg)
SH–006 Intraoral tips, yellow (50/pgk)
SH–004 Mixing tips, green (50/pgk)
SH–005 Mixing tips, yellow (50/pgk)
SH–007 Mixing tips, pink (50/pgk)
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