Product Advantages at a Glance

Safe - validated cleaning process verified with microbiological methods by an independent laboratory
Economical - low purchasing and operating cost
Powerful - hard on germs, bacteria and dirt, gentle on your instruments
User Friendly - ultimate ease of use for optiimized procedures in your clinic
Space Saving - the STATMATIC PLUS is designed to save valuable space in the hygiene room
Environmentally Friendly - does not use damaging aerosol propellants


Take control...

Bacteria, germs, and protein can enter the internal components of dental handpieces during routine procedures. If left alone, this material dries up and is very hard to remove. Additionally, the general mechanical complexity of handpieces, with miniature gears, a burr-chuck system and many hollow regions, makes cleaning very difficult. Thorough removal of all biological residues is important in order to avoid damage to the equipment and to ensure the hygienic safety of the personnel and patients.

... because the stakes are too high.

STATMATIC PLUS was developed specifically to meet the challenges created by the complex design of handpieces. The intelligent electronics regulate different pulses which are matched precisely to the interior workings of the instruments.











The process is divided into three phases:

1. Cleaning of the water and air spray channels with STATMATIC PLUS cleaner.

2. Cleaning of the drive air channel and hollow cavities with STATMATIC PLUS cleaner.

3. Lubrication of all internal components with STATMATIC PLUS dental oil.



Validated medical cleaning

The STATMATIC PLUS performs fully automated interior cleaning, which fully conforms with the strict German-based RKI guidelines*. A water-based cleaner is used in order to facilitate the removal of bacteria, germs, and protein. In accordance with the American medicinal cleaning norm, ASTM E2314-03, a germ / bacteria reduction of at least 2 log increments (i.e. >99% removal) is achieved. This process was tested using a microbiological method and was validated by mdt medical device testing GmbH, an independent, ZLG-accredited laboratory.

(ZLG = German state agency for health protection involving drugs and medications)

*Guidelines from the commission for hospital hygiene and infection prevention at the Robert Koch Institute: Prevention of infections in dentistry - hygiene requirements (2006)



Ease of Use

Snap one, two or three handpieces onto the adapters.

Close the door, press the start button.

One-button chuck cleaner function

The STATMATIC PLUS supports your team with its intuitive controls, even if things occasionally get hectic in the clinic:

Set up to three instruments on the provided adapters, close the door, and press "START" - done. The program requires approx. 3.3 minutes per instrument for interior cleaning and care.

Two versions of the STATMATIC PLUS are available:

S32000 STATMATIC PLUS 32 (2 fixed INTRAmatic adapters according to ISO 3964 and one station for highspeeds adapter)

S32005 STATMATIC PLUS 33 (1 fixed INTRAmatic adapter according to ISO 3964 and two station for highspeeds adapter)

The corresponding adapters have to be ordered separately.



W 280 x D 300 x H 345 mm
11 x 18.8 x 13.6"


7.3 kg / 16.1 lbs

Rated voltage

100-230 V

Rated frequency

50/60 Hz

Rated power

max. 45VA

Protection class


Ambient temperature

5-35 °C (41-95 °F)

Sound level

60 (65) dB (A)

Relative humidity

max. 85 %

Compressed air

4,5-6 bar (58-87 ps)

Air consumption

40 NL/min

Compressed-air quality

Residual oil content: max. 0.1 mg/m3
Residual dust: max 1µm, max. 0.1 mg/m3
Residual water: max. 0.1 g/m3 at -40 °C


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